The Nebulae Trilogy

"Each bronze nebula evokes humankind's stellar birthplace."


Through complex casting protocols, Snowden sculpts enigmatic vapor trails and circulating gas streams as they rise and condense in the formation of interstellar nebulae. In Snowden's meditation, bronze recalls and shapes humankind's first home, where the process and phenomenon of star bed planetary creation is continuously at work in the universe.

Orion Nebula

The Orion Nebula circles on Snowden’s vision that began with the ancient Greek Dialogues, in which Plato believed reality was based on ideal forms. The beauty of the Orion constellation and its famous nebula are interpreted through synchronizing myriad gestural passages of bronze into an ideal image of mankind reaching toward a dream.

M.L. Snowden Speaks About Orion

Omega Nebula

The Omega Nebula is a textural web of goldsmith-level bronze metallurgy. Indeed, Snowden’s painstaking workmanship executed over many months, draws the spectator into a new interstellar world. In Snowden’s rhythmic bronze, star-beds and streams of nebulous vapor surround man like fireworks, giving rise to humankind within the creative web of life.

M.L. Snowden Speaks About Omega

The Muses

The Muses establishes a new benchmark for Snowden’s sculptural inheritance from Rodin. Indeed, the work dissolves the solidity of traditional statuary into the abstract realm of a nebula’s vapor. For the sculptor, the Muses is an almost weightless winged veil that rises as a 750.5 x enlargement of Omega’s rear abstract spire. The enlargement conceptually brings into view six muses that reign over the arts and sciences of sculpture, including metallurgy and chemistry. Snowden imagines an ethereal interstellar realm through humanitarian forms that intersect the sculptor’s sense of inspiration, light, and life.


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