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A Word on Snowden’s Phases of Creation
Snowden’s White Period 1960-1989


Curators have determined that the works Snowden produced from the 1960’s, 1970’s to 1989 constitute the sculptor’s White Period. The collections from the White era include the first known works from Snowden’s hand as a child and as a teenager, along with works accomplished during the European post graduate sojourn. The White Period derives from the group of Snowden’s first officially recognized sculptures created in white marble and in white blanc de chine. These works include Petrus, Water Fanatasy, Pellegini Faun, and Premia Caprice. Snowden’s White Period ended in 1989, when the sculptor’s entire oeuvre created to that point was awarded the Alex Ettl Grant for “Lifetime Achievement in American Sculpture.” 

Snowden’s Black Period 1990-1998


Snowden’s Black Period began in 1990 on the death of her father and lasted until 1998. During Snowden’s period of reclusion, the sculptor produced a highly personal collection of emotionally charged work that remains in the estate of the sculptor. Scholars such as Dr. Marie Busco believe that Snowden’s complex and powerful art produced during her Black Period is particularly significant.

Snowden’s Gold Period 1998 to the Present


While scholars chart the beginning of Snowden’s Gold Period beginning in 1998, other observers believe the significant phase of creativity that marks the Gold era began in the year 2000. Critics cite the creation of the Great Golden Angels of the Main Altar as the official beginning of Snowden’s formal return to sculpture, where the artist is on record with the unveiling of her primary models for Vatican legate review in May 2000. At that meeting Snowden formally stated she had returned to sculpture and conducted historic interviews moderated by Fr. Richard Vosko, art consultant representing the Los Angeles Archdiocese, in connection with the historic archives of the Los Angeles Cathedral. In the ongoing Gold phase, Snowden’s creative output has resulted in the Geological Corieum, the most extensive body of bronze to be forged in the closing years of the 20th century and at the millennium. 

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