Storm Trilogy

“Snowden’s bronze weaves interrelated tapestries.” 


Lightening, rain, and wind come together in Storm Trilogy as fundamental expressions of interactive cyclic phenomena. As with the other works of the Geological Coreium, each bronze of the Storm Trilogy represents an experimental metallurgical advance for the art of lost wax bronze.


Ion brilliantly rises and hovers in mid-air. Indeed, Ion is a lightening energy wand that metallurgically suspends one hundred and fifty pounds of bronze on a three-quarter inch mortise. An intensely gestural work, Ion is defined by geophysics as an electrically charged atom. It is one of the radicals formed in earth’s atmosphere by the action of electricity or cosmic radiation, causing atoms to either gain or lose electrons. In this bronze, Ion unfurls as a positively charged particle as Snowden traces Ion’s nucleic path that mirrors the closed energy circuit of a human being.


Windscarf is a flowing sheaf of wind-swept bronze. In this work, Snowden traces lines of harmonic air currents through grooved lines of hair that echo the sonic patterns of music. Indeed, music and wind share a related mathematical harmonic ratio that is infused across physical creation; a phenomenon described by Kepler’s Law and made manifest in Snowden’s bronze. A deeply private vision of the sculptor, Windscarf is the embodiment of mathematical sequences, where the fingers of Windscarf’s hand share the same harmonic ratio as the spacing of the planets; where the branching of Windscarf’s hair shares the same ratio as the branching of plant root systems; where the figural icons of Snowden’s art are octaves of mathematical proportions of the very clay and bronze structures out of which they arise. Where Windscarf is a scientific term describing a landform carved through wind abrasion, the bronze moves swiftly forward in celebrating interactive strands of deeply related singing phenomena.


Rainpillar’s circular cloud uplifts nurture. Here is sculpture that balances more than one hundred pounds of bronze on the ethereal metal fingers of its inverted figure. Rainpillar is a term used by geologists to describe an elongated landform with a capped top of soft rock that has been carved by the impact of falling rain. Snowden has transformed the geological structure into a larger meditation on earth’s essential water cycle and man’s spiritual power to nurture both his life and earth. Snowden’s Rainpillar describes a contained circuit inherent in weather systems, where energy patterns of water and airflow move from top to bottom and rise back up – a pattern that mirrors the flow of molten bronze when it pours in the foundry.


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