“Bronze anticipates a realm of dreams.”


A collection of works which plumb the depths of artistic inspiration and resource, these highly personal bronzes filter fifty years of Snowden’s practice into geologic votives and talismans that evoke the sculptor’s inner world.


Cytoblast churns and moves conceptually powered by its energetic core. In this work, the liquid convolution of smelted metal splashes into a larger cognate of cellular cosmic star formation as a dimensional essay of energy. Within its eroded, exploded, extruded, and compressed planes, the sculpture exudes pronounced activity, reflecting cellular activity that is characterized by transformative change. Indeed, Cytoblast is an incantation of creation at humankind’s earthly cellular level. Through organic shape and metaphor, the sculpture conceptualizes not only the core of stars but the energetic core of cells, speaking of that germinal and active point where cellular development takes place. Within an imaginative micro and macro sphere, Cytoblast creates a symbolic locale of biomorphic creation.


Inspira whispers a dream-state. In this bronze, Snowden charts the unseen, tenuous realm of initial inspiration brought into focus through Snowden’s metallurgical art. A sense of synergy is achieved through visioning a pair of mutually referential figural icons that elevate the quarter-ton composition into a curved and graceful surmount. For the sculptor, Inspira is the first stage of creation that centers on emotion, mood, and feeling, inspiring the desire to create sculpture.


The immediate bloom of a neuron synapse powers Creatia. Here bronze fuses to the momentary generative spark of a sudden creative thought. The up-reach of the central icon brings down an illusory idea expressed as negative space that energizes the work through gesture. Numinous states of vitality and movement all revolve in the varying optical planes of the work. Creatia’s dark platinum Fournier patina casts the work almost as a mirror through creating a variable glow.


The sisters of Questa poise on the verge of discovery. Questa projects three feminine perspectives that coalesce into a unified vision that follows Snowden’s impetus toward building sculpture: self-awareness, active creativity, and fulfillment. States of the past, present and future conceptualize the work as a prism. A mood of artistic movement and psychic force powers Questa as a bronze that outwardly expresses the sculptor’s sense of inner dimensionality and connection.


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Seal Beach, CA 90740