Foundations of Synergy

“Snowden’s bronze structuralizes harmonic balance.”


The Foundations of Synergy explores a trilogy of cosmic forces and congruencies in sculptures that imaginatively consider energy pattern phenomena and physics permeating the natural world.


Stasis escalates two forces into a state of flotation. In Stasis, Snowden defines earth’s separated magnetic polarities as two forces at the height of action. In Snowden’s hands, these polarized forces morph into figuration and become almost ecorché – rendered of overlaying mass to become icons of pure muscular stress. The abstract band surmounting the work traces the schematic path of earth’s magnetic field. Ultimately, the figural opposition in Stasis is resolved through identifying and structuralizing a balance point. Snowden’s composition seizes larger implications; one that sees equilibrium as a highly active state that is constantly maintained. Stasis is a referential metaphor that alludes to the balance of health; of tenuous relationships between people and even nations; all floating in the difficult architecture of Stasis’s balance. Ultimately, the composition reveals itself as a compelling yet tenuous structural fusion; a death-defying combination that results in a harmonious state of almost impossible flotation for the art of bronze.


Gravity’s weighty pull counters a jutting upward thrust. Indeed, in its free-fall suspension, the lower figural icon embodies the force of Gravity in exerting its downward weight. Such weight interacts upon the upper humanitarian icon that opposes being brought down by Gravity in an affirmative action that seems to strive toward the light. Here Gravity is described as a synergistic union of elements in a balanced scale. The total weight mass is mortised on the smallest cap of extrusion that is possible to support the structure in connecting the bronze to its base. Snowden’s Gravity is based upon a mathematical calculation that allows the entire bronze to almost float, bringing the sculpture almost to the edge of imbalance.

Seismic Ray

Seismic Ray shoots upwards in clean lines away from the terrestrial impactions that coruscate other works of the Geological Coreium. Seismic Ray’s bronze is a jet of pure unbridled seismic energy that strikes upwards through earth. Indeed, the vertical two-tiered composition draws its line from a pair of figures placed end to end that intuit the path of naturally occurring seismic wave patterns that rise in supported undulations traveling though earth’s mantle. All the force of the upward climb of arcing energy is made possible through the firm support of the lower figural icon. Larger cognates of support, aid and mentorship circle the humanitarian relationship of the work. A specialized mathematical calculation carries the entire weight of the upper icon in a small weld point just over the heart of the lower figure, marking a structural advancement for the art of bronze.


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