The Golden Group

“Bronze inhabits nature’s harmonic imprint.”


The cosmos is infused with proportional golden harmonics that are celebrated in bronze in the Golden Group.  In Snowden’s estimate, mathematical expressions describe the physical substance of earth, bronze, and humankind. In creation’s crucible, these conceptual bronzes remain as signatures that embody universal ideal proportions and measurements.


Infinitum circles and flows as an unending chain of life. Indeed, the work began as a conception of the forces and connections that underpin creation. The form of Infinitum is a single ribbon of bronze with no beginning and no end. The curvature of the form brings its elements into relationship with each other, where an advancing flow has been realized through more than two-hundred weld points. Infinitum is self-referential and self-supporting, with all the uniqueness and inevitability of nature’s creative energies.

Golden Spiral

Golden Spiral eternally unfurls a magnetic and harmonic structure. The Golden Spiral refers to a specific logarithmic-based spiral as well as to the many spirals occurring in nature – including conch shells, galaxies and unfolding fern leaves. Snowden’s interpretation employs multiple spirals, where “the curvature of the spiral infuses our own human selves and infiltrates the very substance of bronze sculpture.”


Octahedron refers to one of five “Platonic Solids;” it is made up of eight triangles with equal angles and equal sides. To Plato, it represented the “Atoms” of air. The oldest man-made structures based on its mathematics were the Egyptian pyramids. Snowden’s artistic meditation on the concept expresses the lightness and strength inherent in its derived form, giving Octahedron the mystery of a hermetic symbol.

The Golden Triangle

Golden Triangle braids the golden proportion of Phi, or the golden ratio of 1.61803, into a unique and intricate web of angles. Through a single supporting figural icon, Snowden references the sculptor Phidias for whom the proportion is named. Golden Triangle celebrates and vivifies elemental ratios that are shared by humans in relationship to the musical diatonic scale, the spacing of the planets and the sub-atomic structure of Snowden’s bronze amalgam.


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