Nival Triad

“Bronze is a medium of transformation.”


The Niveal Triad invokes three states of water through sculpturally interpreting glacial ice, atmospheric steam, and liquid water. In these dimensional meditations, Snowden explores states of water through figural geologic bronze.


Bronze Glacier packs and piles conceptual snow and ice into an inverted pinnacle. In this work, polarized icons symbolize the exertion of the downward thrust of an accruing snowmass which condenses under increasingly weighted pressure to form a Glacier. Snowden’s evocation three-dimensionally suggests not only the physical shape of the phenomena, but the additive weight process that shapes the form.


Premia splashes sea water into an evaporating mist. Where niveal formations signal solidification through cooling, Premia evokes steam rising over a glacial mass as it melts. Snowden achieves this effect through “sfumato”; blurring and blending the planes of carved white marble as if seen through a veil.


Water splashes and cascades in Wave, one of Snowden’s first bronzes created from aqueous based sculptural clay. Conceived in Fournier Doucette Blanc, the force of action generated by the central energetic figure surges through the tide of the sculpture, organically giving rise to myriad forms. Indeed, Snowden’s deft handling of balance and motion is offset by asymmetrical reverberations of raw clay responding as a liquid solution.


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