Snowden’s bronzes are known internationally as the Geological Coreium. Arguably, the Coreium is the largest body of bronze to be forged and collected in the latter half of the 20th century and at the millennium. The world winner of the International Rodin Competition in Tokyo, Snowden’s art is found in public and private collections worldwide.


While each bronze is a complete and intrinsic tour de force of craftsmanship, the collections of the Geological Coreium create a unified whole. The Coreium invites you to explore each bronze independently while contemplating its aesthetic and conceptual relationship to the larger oeuvre.


The Geological Coreium ranges across more than ten chapters of bronze that vision earthly and interstellar space. Each bronze takes its name and shape from contemporary science that describes planetary and cosmic phenomena. As one critic comments, “Yet the work clearly defies its program. The power of Snowden’s bronze has a universal reach that extends the fingerprint of humankind. The Coreium translates humanity into an unfading bronze hallmark of our time at the millennium.”


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