Brilliance Trilogy

“Bronze intuits radiance.”


Snowden calls forth a trine of stars that are visible from earth. Indeed, Snowden’s Brilliance Trilogy communicates a range of radiant patterns that bring each star’s nucleus to life. The sculptor’s collection links phenomena of vast proportions to the powers and energies of humankind through dynamic interrelated bronze designs. As Snowden comments, “Some of the same elements that construct the stars construct the fabric of our bodies and the substance of bronze. We’re just arranged differently.”


Antares, which translates to “Rival of Mars”, boldly reaches heavenward. Indeed, this first star of the collection radiates a schema of intense personality and vigor. Snowden’s work dips through clouds and the corona of the star, moving past its fission and fusion, to access Antares’s nucleus in a portrait that asserts a living and creative entity. The pulse of Snowden’s handwork defies easy description as it connects the invigorating flow and force of the star to sculpture and to human cognates.


Altair almost shoots light from its fingers. Snowden forges bronze activating the star Altair, located five parsecs from our solar system. Through strident musculature and attenuated spikes, Snowden brings Altair’s energetic profile into an abstract corona that correlates to the star’s energetic spectrographic studies. The verso of the sculpture projects a cyclonic swirl of bronze electrical arcs that charge the obverse with self-assertion and brandishing force, powering the central icon’s nucleic reaction.


Atria beams clear white light. The uplift of Atria is driven by a whirlwind of cyclic shooting rays that intimate conserved areas of energy in fully formed crystals. Atria joins Altair and Antares in completing the Brilliance Trilogy; an evocation of radiant forms of nucleic action that power brilliant K, A and M-type stars. Snowden intuits Atria’s unique energy pattern as an affirmation of the enduring relationship that exists between stars, bronze, and humankind as luminous energy summaries. Turning frontally, Atria’s arresting angularity generates the core focal point of energy in the work.


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Seal Beach, CA 90740