The Muses

Snowden’s angelic vision is unveiled within the prism of Cristal. In this work, various Archangels or Reflections dimensionalize inner healing attributes, projecting states of Harmony, Serenity, Felicity, and Prosperity. On deep levels, the disembodied winged desgin of the work intuits the micro crystalline structure of the natural mineral quartz crystals that compose Snowden’s sculpting clay.

The Muses

The Muses establishes a new benchmark for Snowden’s sculptural inheritance from Rodin. Indeed, the work dissolves the solidity of traditional statuary into the abstract realm of a nebula’s vapor. For the sculptor, the Muses is an almost weightless winged veil that rises as a 750.5 x enlargement of Omega’s rear abstract spire. The enlargement conceptually brings into view six muses that reign over the arts and sciences of sculpture, including metallurgy and chemistry. Snowden imagines an ethereal interstellar realm through humanitarian forms that intersect the sculptor’s sense of inspiration, light, and life.


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